N.B.: This game is in development!

Participants in this game will play characters trying to make it through tough questions in their lives, in a fantastique situation. Strange phenomena start to intrude into their everyday lives. Should they just ignore them and go on? What if their own perceptions reveal an unexpected world, where some things work just a bit differently? Could they find what they’re looking for by embracing its strangeness? Is it perhaps our world undergoing a fundamental transition in it’s natural laws? Or is it just the protagonists loosing their minds, and if so, who will help them?

One player takes charge of the protagonists’ world and prepares a situation in which mysterious events unfold: plants stretching their roots to the skies and burying their leaves deep into the ground, or is it just that they’re taken with an illness; animals taking on a human-like behaviour, perhaps evening speaking, but that might just be an extraordinary sequence of chance happenings; old buildings singing to the stars at night, or is it just the wind? What if the intensity increases and the events become more personal? The other participants each define a protagonist, on the brink of some important decision. Most notably, these characters are themselves tied to their dear ones. Will the creeping strangeness reach them? What will the protagonists have to do, to do well?

This is a game for 2 to 4 people, and should last between 2 and 4 hours, with an additional thirty minutes to prepare the situation.