Physical version: 20 CHF.
PDF version: 6 CHF.

The physical version of Les Petites Choses Oubliées is published as a collection of twelve postcards, sized 15 cm x 10 cm and printed on matt 350 g/m² paper. The front features ready-to-use colour photographs by Virginie Stubi, and the back contains the rules and an actual play example based on the photographs. The cards are contained in a kraft box, with the game’s logo hand-stamped on the front. In addition, you receive the electronic version (PDF) for free. (If you ordered the game before the release of the PDF version or bought it in a store or directly from us, please contact us so that we may deliver you the file.)

The digital version of this game is a high-quality PDF file with exactly the same contents as the postcards. You may print it yourself or use it on an electronic device. If you later decide to buy the physical version from us, please contact us by e-mail so that we may discount the price of the digital version.

Photos by Virginie Stubi.

English version:


French version:


Residents of Switzerland pay 2.00 CHF for shipping & handling, those in geographical Europe 4.00 CHF and all others 5.00 CHF. Allow 1-2 days for domestic orders, 3-4 for Europe and a good week for North America. The digital game will be delivered by e-mail as soon as possible.

As of December 3rd 2016, 20 CHF are worth approximatively 18.57 EUR, 19.80 USD, 26.23 CAD or 15.55 GBP. Please contact us at in case of doubt on the shipping rates, any questions regarding payment or to order multiple copies of the game.