Who are we?


L’Impromptu is a small publishing endeavour focusing on accessible, analogue, story-telling games with an easy setup. Behind it are Sylvie Guillaume, translator to French of the games Breaking the Ice by Emily Care Boss and My Life with Master by Paul Czege, and Christoph Boeckle, moderator of the late French-speaking forum silentdrift.net, a place to discuss actual play and the publishing of analogue role-playing games. At one point, they had become so exposed to games that they had to create their own. They like receiving mail: contact@limpromptu.net .

In real life, Sylvie is a social worker with a training in 20th century history and sociology, while Christoph is a maths teacher with a training in the physics of things that flow. They live in a small Swiss French town, and have no intention whatsoever to undergo an oblivion procedure.


Things Sylvie finds essential:

  • putting Christoph’s stuff directly onto his keyboard so that he’s not able to procrastinate before sorting them out;
  • her favorite G crochet, which works for everything even if the results aren’t usually the right size;
  • Lev Yilmaz’s cartoons, whenever in need of a bit of cheering up…


Christoph attaches great importance to:

  • quietly putting away any stray cup or mug, so that Sylvie doesn’t injure herself under an avalanche of ceramics;
  • giving people advice on how to optimize their trajectories & efforts using basic physics principles;
  • the placement of various invisible typographic characters, for the greater aesthetic good.


Freelance designer in real life, Virginie Stubi was in charge of the logos, photographs and layout of Les Petites Choses Oubliées. On the internet, she resides at hardyvivi.com.


Virginie takes delight in:

  • taking at least half an hour each day to savour her breakfast;
  • taking pictures of windows while on walks with her friends, having them stand around if must be;
  • all the beautiful small things she collects or makes herself. The smaller, the better!