Les Petites Choses Oubliées

What if they didn’t live happily ever after, even though they tried to? What if, after a promising encounter, bitterness, sadness or anger slowly entered their life? Confronted with the opportunity to erase their memories and start a new life, will they seize it?

Les Petites Choses Oubliées is a game in which you and a gaming partner play the members of this couple. You’ll explore their story by recounting some of their memories, inspired by photos exchanged at the beginning of play. You’ll call to life these two strangers by focusing on meaningful everyday life moments; the kinds which perhaps aren’t spectacular, but that one will always remember. The first meal they shared, the last argument over the family or the once endearing habit that became intolerable.

A game for 2 players which lasts about 1 hour.

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Strange phenomena start to intrude into your everyday lives. Should you just ignore them and go on? What if your own perceptions reveal an unexpected world, where some things work just a bit differently? Could you find what you’re looking for by embracing its strangeness? Is it perhaps our world undergoing a fundamental transition in it’s natural laws? Or is it just you loosing your mind, and if so, who will help you?

An upcoming game for two to four players which lasts about two to four hours.

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